The Science and Art of Human Relationships

My practice of therapy is fundamentally based in my understanding of the scientific basis for emotions and human relationships. The modern study of human nature, originating from such fields as interpersonal neurobiology, neuroscience, and child development, is contributing to a new perspective on how we heal. We now clearly know that our minds and our bodies, rather than being casual acquaintances, work together to help us successfully navigate life's opportunities and challenges. Even what we think of as "intuition" is most likely based in brain structures known as mirror neurons.

The discovery of mirror neurons provides confirmation that humans are an empathic species, truly hardwired to flourish in relationships. Therefore, a positive therapeutic relationship becomes ever more essential. I focus on providing a profound sense of safety in therapy to support you in becoming fully available for the process of healing. My style is warm, inviting, and flexible. At times, my clients have even described their sessions as "fun."


I strongly believe that people have within them the wisdom to heal, and that my job is to help create a mutual environment of curiosity about how that capacity can be re-discovered. Somatic Experiencing is an approach I combine with talk therapy to access this natural healing.  Originally created to treat trauma, it is an effective way to address depression, anxiety, grief, and overall stress.  Our work together is intended to allow you to access the vitality needed to support your lifelong individual and interpersonal growth.

Although I seek to apply my knowledge of science in the effort to best serve my clients, I also recognize that therapy as an art does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach. Therapy is a collaborative process that unfolds in unique ways with each individual person.

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