Why I recommend the End of Trauma Course

The End of Trauma Course was developed by Steve Hoskinson.  Steve was my primary faculty member for the Somatic Experiencing training program.

Steve has been studying and helping people recover from trauma for decades.

His End of Trauma Course is part of the Organic Intelligence® approach he's developed as a natural evolution of SE.  It's safe and effective to do at home.  Steve has built in lots of support, including live coaching calls, and a Facebook group for connecting with other students.

I have taken the course myself, and even after years of my own therapy and somatic work, it helped me solidify and build on my past investments.

If you are currently in therapy, it will support your progress.  I suggest you discuss this with your therapist.

If you are not in therapy, it will provide a solid foundation for your own progress and the effectiveness of future therapy.

You can learn more about Steve and the End of Trauma Course by checking out this link.

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