I am trained in the Ericksonian style of hypnotherapy. This form of hypnotherapy was developed primarily by the great American psychiatrist, Milton Erickson, who strongly believed that individuals have within them the ability to create solutions to their own problems, which they may not be consciously aware of. In this sense, Ericksonian hypnotherapy is considered to be an "inside-out" approach. As a practitioner, my role is to help you find ways to reach your goals, within a time frame that is exclusively yours. Somatic Experiencing, in which I am also trained, borrows many techniques from Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and indeed, in certain sessions, there is very little difference between the two.

The reality of this form of hypnosis is quite different from the way in which it is usually portrayed in popular culture. Trance states are natural human experiences, which can happen spontaneously at times of trauma, surprise, confusion, intense performance and meditation. My stance is collaborative, and intended to be invitational, permissive, and naturalistic.


A hypnotherapy session might primarily consist of telling you a story. On the other hand, it might include communication between us, in which we create a story together. While you may not remember all aspects of your session, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy does NOT include "putting you under," making you do anything against your will, or the expectation that you will not remember anything when you "wake up." It IS intended to help you access your own unconscious and conscious resources, for your own purposes.


Generally, clients experience hypnosis as pleasant and relaxing. However, you do not have to be relaxed to benefit from going into trance, nor is it even necessary for you to believe in hypnosis. You might or might not be aware of going into trance. There are as many ways of going into trance, and of benefiting from it, as there are people. My objective is to tailor our sessions to utilize your unique qualities.

If your primary interest in working with me is through the use of hypnosis, I will have an initial meeting with you to discuss your concerns, strengths, and goals. This will be followed by a hypnotherapy session based on that discussion. Some people experience the desired change after just one session. Others may wish to attend several, or many more, sessions. Hypnotherapy can be easily combined with a more traditional course of psychotherapy. Together, we can decide what would seem to work best for your needs.