Why therapy?



Therapy is one avenue among many that offers the hope of healing and lasting change. The choices can feel overwhelming, not just about which therapist to choose, but whether or not to choose therapy over, or in addition to, options such as life coaching, bodywork, movement practices, or acupuncture. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I believe that my expertise in relationships, and how to support the necessary and sufficient conditions for having satisfying relationships, offers a unique opportunity for my clients to heal and grow in a profound and enduring way.

Why choose a Marriage and Family Therapist?

Marriage and Family Therapists complete a structured sequence of education, training, and experience that is intended to build a level of expertise appropriate for working with a broad variety of complex client issues. In California, the MFT license is regulated by the Board of Behavioral Sciences, which seeks to ensure that those therapists holding the license are knowledgeable about and adhere to professional practices, while following the expected legal and ethical guidelines for the profession. The requirements for the license change over time, but in my case, I completed a graduate degree in counseling, followed by 3,000 hours of supervised experience. Out of those hours, 1,500 were face to face client hours. After gaining my experience, I passed two licensing exams designed to test my knowledge and my ability to apply it in my work with clients. As I continue to practice, I also obtain continuing education credits, in excess of what is required by the BBS for renewing my license. Among the required courses for renewal are units on legal and ethical issues. By working with a licensed professional, you have greater assurance that you will receive services that are appropriate, effective, ethical, and within the therapist's scope of competence.

Why therapy with me?

Therapy with me, in particular, is intended to increase Self-regulation--with a capital "S." By staying regulated, you have access to your full ability to think, respond, and relate, without retreating into unconscious habits and patterns that keep you stuck and frustrated. While services such as life coaching can be valuable in helping you achieve progress towards life goals, and bodywork can help you feel physically stronger and more comfortable, my approach integrates mind and body healing so that you navigate life with far more ease, with less conscious effort being needed to stay on track. Together, we will work towards tapping into the deepest structures of your brain to promote healing the Self. Your investment in therapy, with the resulting increase in Self-regulation, is likely to facilitate improvement in romantic, family, social, and work relationships, resulting in greater life satisfaction.

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