My approach to healing integrates Somatic Experiencing® techniques with traditional psychotherapy for an outcome that is more effective than talk therapy alone.


Therapy with me can help you enjoy more satisfaction in your relationships by addressing the barriers that get in the way. Often, these barriers are due to the impact of accumulated stress on mind and body, which is reflected in symptoms such as depression, irritability, anxiety, and anger. Trauma interferes with the ability to feel safe in relationships, and I specialize in helping people heal and grow from traumatic experiences or upbringings. For people who are looking for information or guidance regarding a focused concern or issue, I offer consultation sessions.


Please take time to explore the information I've provided throughout the site. You can click on links throughout the site for more information about individual topics. To learn what I mean by "accumulated stress" please click here.


Perhaps you are seeking help with a particular problem, which is affecting your relationships with family, friends, fellow professionals, or intimate partners. Unresolved issues of grief and loss may continue to distract you from the present moment. A single event, or many throughout your life, could be contributing to lasting symptoms of trauma. Old patterns of behavior may be interfering with your ability to make different and better choices in your life today. You may desire more out of your life and not know how to find it. Often, it is difficult to reach out for support--to overcome the fear of being judged. You are not alone. Help is available.


Please contact me to explore how I can assist you in taking the next step.

The path to self-understanding and healing can feel scary, but I truly believe it is the most important journey a human being can take. Together we will identify the strengths you already possess, to help guide you toward rediscovering your innate capacity for growth and greater ease in living.